this little light of mine…

this blog is a little extension of my creative energies…a place to share my musings on faith, design and other randomness.  i have over 10 years of residential and commercial design experience–and have worked on everything from playhouses, to everyday houses, to showhouses. i completed my bachelor of interior design from the university of arkansas in fayetteville in 2004 and received my professional licensure in 2007.

my husband is an architect, we met in our freshman year at the university, and were married after his graduation in 2003.  we share a love for old tv shows, historic buildings, flea market finds, and road trips. he has been a part of SCM Architects for over 10 years…he has a great talent and understanding for graphics, marketing, and media and i’m excited for him to share and be a part of shinedesignblog, as well.  without him, i wouldn’t have the guts to do, well, pretty much anything!

everyone says “oh you must have a fabulous home!” a few years ago, we traded in our typical suburban home for a 1950s fixer-upper. it has been quite the adventure and i’m thrilled to share the stories with you! we have lots of projects on the list, but quite honestly, we choose moments with friends and family and opportunities to give over stuff quite often… meaning we have patience with some undone projects beyond what many understand!

we aren’t very good do-it-yourself-ers.  we have very talented friends and family who are much better at tackling things than we are! we will share our misadventures of our diy experiences and 1950s home with our series “the 303.”

our home is full of boys–we now have three (!) little guys, and one laid-back yorkie–there is seldom a quiet, clean, or sane moment, but it is a home full of laughter, creativity, and love. we like it here.

my background is design, but God has stirred in my heart a passion for connecting a creative lifestyle with helping others.  through shine design, ideas for design-based service projects have been planted and prayerfully will continue to grow over the course of the next year and beyond.  my blog is a place for learning and encouragement for designers, creatives, and those with an interest in design.

shinedesignblog will feature educational and informative posts, from me and other guest bloggers in the field.  i hope you’ll join me often and share with others, as we venture down this road together.

hoping that you will find encouragement and inspiration…